Spiritual Healing

Divine Straightening

Carolin and Alexander Toskar are internationally renowned healers. They accompany people on their path to health and contentment. Through regular trips to Europe, Asia and the United States, they make this beneficial healing work accessible to a wide public.


We offer our work in the awareness that every spiritually-realigned person contributes to the transformation of collective consciousness, and thus to the well-being of society.

May all beings in all worlds live in prosperity and happiness, may grief and suffering pass away, and each person become who he or she really is - spiritually, perfect and healthy.


Divine Straightening (Spiritual Realignment) with the initiation in the will-to-health forms the core of our healing work, which we fulfill with all our devotion.


Visit our healing day in Munich, Cologne, Zurich or London. Or experience spiritual healing in a personal video session.

Information about distance treatment online and healer seminars can be found here


ToskarHealing Office

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